Russians are scary


“A different language is a different vision of life.” – Federico Fellini

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a look at a life from a different angle?  Wouldn’t it be fantastic to see what had always been concealed from you? Wouldn’t it be incredible to destroy some stereotypes which hide the most interesting things from you? Welcome to our on-line Russian school where we will be happy to help you to do it.

You must have heard a lot about the Russian culture and the Russian language. And the mysterious soul of the Russians is already the talk of the town.  There is a Czech proverb: learn a new language and get a new soul. How often are you suggested to buy a new soul? Take your chance now.

The process of teaching at our school is held by native-speaking teachers. We believe that there is no one like a native speaker in the process of teaching. We literally practice what we preach, and we teach as would like to be taught.

Our classes are focused on traditional teaching methods such as listening, reviewing, speaking, testing and questioning. We always remember that understanding a language is inseparable from culture, there is a heavy emphasis on culture-rich lessons; the result- fun and interesting lessons that students from different social layers and ages will enjoy. We also never forget about useful tips and absolutely necessary important pieces of advice for those who are planning to have a trip soon.

The possibility to enrich your life, to broaden your mind not leaving your place is priceless. It would be ridiculous not to take an advantage of the era we live in.  You may open the door to a new world, sitting in your favorite chair. You don’t have waste your time getting to your teacher, as I am only one click away. The first consultation is free.

Together will use all the modern means of communication to bring a new sense into your life. Learn Russian via Skype.

You may contact me at or +38 066 481 52 65